Welcome to the Nurse's Office
China Elementary Nurse's Office


Welcome To China Elementary!

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you and your child to China Elementary. In order that we might better assist your child with his/her medical needs at our school, we would like to make you aware of a few things.

  1. 1.  Please make me aware of any health problems your child may have. 
  2. 2.  We ask that you please call the school before 10:00 am when your child is absent. Please inform us of the reason for the absence so that we may keep current on what illness may be going around. The phone number is 409-981-6410 ext. 3506. You may leave a message on the machine before school opens in the mornings or email me at nshipman@hjisd.net. Children should remain home when they have a fever of 100 or above. They should remain home until they are fever free for 24 hours without the aid of fever reducers. They should stay home if they are vomiting, have uncontrolled asthma, or have untreated pink eye. Students must be free of these symptoms for 24 hours before returning to school.
  3. 3.  Please keep our contact information updated throughout the year (example: any phone number changes, address changes, work number changes, etc.) We will use it to contact you in case of an emergency or illness.
  4. 4.  Before any medication can be given at school, a medication form must be filled out completely, signed and sent with the medication (prescription or non-prescription). Medication will not be administered without a medication form filled out, signed by the parent or guardian and sent with the medication. Non-prescription medication must be sent from home and in the original bottle. We will not exceed the recommended dosages on the bottle without a Dr's written order. Prescription medications must be in the student's name and in the original bottle with the correct information of dosage and times. Any long-term prescription medication will also need a physician's order. Students are not allowed to keep any medication in their possession. When a student comes in more than twice a week for non-prescription medications, a Dr's written order will be required. Forms are available upon request or you can download by clicking the red medication form link above. Medication forms may be faxed to our school at 409-752-3623 or emailed.
  5. 5.  For your convenience, it would be most helpful if your child had an extra change of clothes in their backpack, locker, or classroom in the event of an accident at school, i.e. falling in water, spilling in the cafeteria, etc. I do not have clothes available for them.

Your help in the above matters will help us to give your child the care and concern he/she deserves. Thank you for your time in taking care of these needs.

Nancy Shipman, R.N., School Nurse, China Elementary nshipman@hjisd.net