China Elementary Library Activities
Accelerated Reader Program

Accelerated Reader is a wonderful program that we have used at China for many years. Children take the STAR test to determine their reading level. All AR books have a reading level and point amount. The first number stands for the grade equivalent and the second number stands for the month equivalent. Example: 3.6 would be third grade sixth month. Most story books are worth 1/2 point, the harder and longer the book, the more points it is worth. When a child reaches 100 points they are considered a "Principal".   We are also awarding prizes  for children that maintain at least a 90% reading average and have read the minimum number of books per grade level. 

 Comprehension is the name of the game!  We are trying to achieve an 85% AR reading average school wide.  This year, to help promote reading comprehension, the grade level trophies will be awarded  to the class that has the highest reading percentage for the previous week.  

If a child scores below a 70 they are no longer allowed to test that day.

Students achieving the hard won goal of "Principal" will get a t-shirt, prizes, and an AR Principal fun filled day.

Click here to search for AR books from home. The last check out day will be May 16th. The AR Challenge will end May 5th.