Excellence in AR

Excellence in AR

    China Elementary is committed to helping our students become effective readers and to build in them a lifelong love of reading and learning. One way we do so is by providing access to the Accelerated Reader program. This program allows us to personalize reading practice for each student’s specific reading level. Students are assessed and introduced to a reading level within their “zone of proximal development” (ZPD), which allows us to make books available to students at a reading level they are comfortable with while still challenging them to stretch and increase accuracy, fluency, and comprehension skills. As their skills increase, students continue to progress to higher reading levels.  

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  Teachers in grades 3-5 have specific reading requirements for how many books each child is required to read each nine week period for grading purposes. Please note, however, that the “Excellence in A.R.” award program is not connected with these grade level requirements. It is an incentive program designed to reward student A.R. participation and excellence in reading. Of course, books read to meet grade level requirements do count toward achievement in the incentive program. We are very excited about our students’ growth as readers and ask that you help us by encouraging your child to read nightly. If you are interested in reading some of the research that supports Accelerated Reading, please visit http://www.renlearn.com/ar/research.aspx .

  Any child meeting the following criteria will be recognized for “Excellence in A.R.” at our end-of-year awards program. 

  • Students must be reading in their zone of proximal development.
  • Students must have a 90% or better test comprehension average when awards are calculated in mid-May.
  • Students must meet the minimum book requirement for their particular grade levels: 

    First grade:       minimum of 20 books for the year

    Second grade:  minimum of 30 books for the year

    Third grade:      minimum of 40 books for the year

    Fourth grade:    minimum of 50 books for the year

    Fifth grade:       minimum of 60 books for the year

  • Students that maintain a 90% or better test comprehension will receive a charm to add to their chain for each 9 week grading period.
  • Students will also receive a "point" charm for every 10 points earned.
  • Students earning 25 points or more during a 9 week grading period will receive an additional free time.  example:  Popsicles on the playground with 25 minutes of extra recess.