Math Help


This site was developed to assist you and/or your child with math concepts being taught in today's classroom.  It is no secret that math is being taught differently than you and I learned it.  Today children are being taught the "why" behind the math and not just the "how".  They are being exposed to multiple strategies and are encouraged to be thinkers.   Links to math tutorial websites, math practice websites, and teacher-made videos will be housed on this site.  

This site is a work in progress.  It will be updated periodically.  

If you need help understanding how to work a problem a particular way, click on your child's grade level. There may be a teacher-made video or link very specific to that concept.  

If there isn't a video/link,  try going to one of the math tutorial websites and 'search' for that particular concept.  There are many, great math websites on the web.  

                             **Kindergarten and 4th Grade are still under construction**